Savvi Partners with Carta

Starting today, pre-seed companies on Savvi’s platform will receive a free Carta account, with discounted access as they grow.

As a venture attorney at a large international law firm, I felt the pain whenever clients got the invoice for our legal services. The sad reality was that, like essentially every other traditional law firm providing legal services to startups today, many of the line items on that invoice were for tasks that should have been automated through software but instead were billed at hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of dollars per hour, be it for a paralegal, junior associate, or even a partner’s time.

Among those unnecessarily billed hours: managing cap tables and stock certificates. When Carta came along I was glad to stop billing clients $750/hr just to update their cap table spreadsheet or to physically print and mail stock certificates. Carta was an important step towards reducing the legal fees for necessary but automatable legal functions. In many ways, Carta inspired me to build Savvi.

Savvi’s Mission

The truth of the situation is that in the corporate legal industry, firms have historically overcharged every startup client by thousands of dollars per year for services that software should handle, and Savvi is eliminating that.

Savvi’s mission is to provide a pain-free legal experience for ventures, and eliminate needless legal fees by integrating attorneys with automated workflows for common tasks like entity formation, team onboarding, equity issuance, fundraising, customer agreements, and IP.

We combine the peace of mind that comes from consulting with an attorney on high-risk matters with the assurance that you’re only paying them for their specialized legal skills and know-how and not for services that software can handle.

Savvi + Carta = More Money in Your Pocket

Carta provides a lot of excellent tools around managing your cap table, but they have always required that startups or their attorneys provide the equity agreements relating to line-items on their cap table.

Savvi is integrating with Carta to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for any equity transactions, no matter how complex. When companies trigger an equity related workflow on Savvi the relevant data and documents will be reflected on their Carta cap table.

TLDR: Savvi + Carta = Less work for you and your attorneys and more money in your pocket.

To access pain-free legal work and a free Carta account, get started with Savvi today.

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