Savvi Launch for Accelerators and Founders

We’re excited to announce our Savvi Launch package for accelerator programs and funds, along with the founders they serve.  In Savvi Launch, we deliver a comprehensive legal solution to portfolio operators, founders, and counsel including customizable workflows, collaborative documents, and standardized checklists, while providing a single, shareable source of truth for legal documents, terms, and history.

Savvi Launch for Founders:

Through qualified Savvi Launch programs, startup founders may receive discounted access to Savvi’s curated package of back-office workflows, services, and tools:

  • Automated Legal Templates
  • Formation & LLC Conversion
  • Legal Counsel
  • Financing
  • Cap Table
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax
  • M&A Planning

If you’re a founder and you make a warm introduction to a startup program or fund, we’ll grant you our Savvi Launch discount of 50% off your Savvi subscription.

Savvi Launch for Accelerators:

Incentives for early adopters: 

  • Receive shares in Savvi’s partner equity pool based on contribution to Savvi MRR. (limited offer)
  • Access relevant deal flow from Savvi’s growing community of pre-financing founders.
  • Access discounted fund services based on portfolio participation.

Portfolio Document Management. Use Savvi to generate, sign, track, and store internal and portfolio-facing agreements.

  • Curated Template Library
  • Custom Template Automation
  • Shared Document Questionnaires
  • Document Review, Redlining, and Revisions
  • eSignature Collection and Tracking
  • Secure Online File Cabinet
  • Unlimited Support

Due Diligence and Clean-up. Becoming the first major shareholder outside of the founding team can be risky and often requires the company to clean-up missing or incorrect documents and filings.  Savvi allows for a streamlined, and standardized approach to ensure that companies are prepared to onboard you as an investor and shareholder.

  • Legal Health Checklist. Identify flags related to missing documents and filings for prospective investments.
  • Data Room Setup. Collect key information and associated documents needed for due diligence.
  • Shared Access and Tracking. A shared view for investors, counsel, and founders to review progress, information and documents.
  • Clean-up Services. Savvi’s team will direct companies to relevant workflows for missing paperwork, and facilitate counsel engagement as needed.

Portfolio Onboarding. Savvi will provide a custom onboarding workflow shared by both portfolio operators, founders, and counsel to track process, collect inputs, manage documents, and update cap tables. Related document templates:

  • Equity/Financing Board Consents
  • Participation Agreement
  • SAFE/KISS Agreements
  • Investor Term Sheet
  • Investor Subscription Agreements
  • NVCA Financing Agreements

If you’re a startup accelerator program or first-check fund, or please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a demo and walk-through of Savvi Launch for Portfolios.

 Savvi Launch for Startup Attorneys:

Savvi is working with a growing network of forward-thinking attorneys who want to provide collaborative and tech-enabled experiences to their early stage clients who may not be able to afford a traditional law firm service. Savvi’s goal isn’t to replace attorneys, so much as help early stage founders access counsel while conserving capital to maximize their likelihood of success. Savvi Launch would not be possible without our counsel partners.

If you would like to partner with us to make Savvi Launch available to a startup program or fund near you, please contact us at [email protected] to schedule time for demo and overview of our attorney partnership model.

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